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Areks Exhaust
gives importance to environmental awareness
Areks sees the environment as a treasure not to be lost. aims to minimise pollution to the environment with its products.

While trying to keep air pollution at the lowest values in the products it manufactures noise pollution is minimised by circulation in silencer bodies and pipe systems. to low levels.



In accordance with the vehicle brand and model, with the same internal and external structure as the original manufacture of silencers clamped (without welding) with special machinery and equipment are produced.

Pipe Processing

Pipes of varying diameters and thicknesses depending on the engine specification are produced by CNC machines and processing with equipment.

Deep Plastering

Frequency required for silencer body and internal designs with double-acting hydraulic presses, style etc. parts are printed.


Eccentric, pneumatic and hydraulic presses in this section can process sheet metal up to 250 tonnes. capacity.

Welded Assembly

Gauges designed in accordance with the internal structure of the silencer housings and the vehicle is the section on which the final assembly is made.


After going through all the processes, it is packaged in special packaging for sale.